From console to combat, the next generation of interactive gaming
is here.

Inspired by classic first-person shooter video games, Overwatch is the next generation of interactive gaming. Using Overwatch, all the technology you’ve come to love from combat and first-person shooter video games is available in real life - right on your smartphone. Overwatch isn’t just another smartphone game; it’s a tactical utility to enhance airsoft, paintball and first-person shooter gameplay. It’s not just game time. It’s game time. For real.


Overwatch provides vital, at-a-glance game information to give you and your team the competitive edge.


Track your enemies’ and teammates’ every move in real-time with GPS integration


Stay in constant contact with your team on the battlefield with live voice chat


Dish out in-game perks to give your team the ultimate edge

Command Center

Control your team (and the chaos on the field) from any remote location


There are two Overwatch mount styles to fit how you play. Simply attach your smartphone to the rail system of your weapon or to your forearm using a universal Overwatch device mount and get in the game!

Rail Mount

Rail Mount

Airsoft and paintball guns have “rails” that can be either be built onto the gun, or added as an aftermarket extension. If you are using a gun or a rifle outfitted with a standard Picatinny (the most common) rail system, the Overwatch rail mount will attach your smartphone directly to the side of your weapon. Every gun is usually just a bit different, but Overwatch has been designed to fit most standard rail systems.

Personal Mount

Personal Mount

If you are using a pistol or paintball gun without a rail mount, the personal mount allows you to attach your smartphone directly to your forearm for quick access without awkwardly weighing down your light weapon.


We’re getting close! Soon, the Overwatch app will be available on both iPhone and Android. To receive updates from the Overwatch team, simply join our mailing list and be the first of your friends to get your hands on the Overwatch app!


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